Top 10 reasons why tourism operators should open an Alipay account (SP)


Posted February 18, 2015

Since 2014 China Sales Co. is an official global licensed partner and system provider for Alipay.

Open your *free cross border Alipay account today with China Sales Co. *terms and conditions apply depending on Alipay terms, product sector and client requirements.All you need is a ) a website and b) a bank account and you can start to sell online to China!

It is not necessary to have Chinese web pages, or have a Chinese registered business or Chinese bank account to open an Alipay account. Alipay will wire settlements directly to your nominated foreign bank account and in your choice of 14 currencies.

As a licensed System Integrator (Alipay SI) China Sales Co. provides application forms, Alipay API system installation and testing and ongoing Alipay technical support for our customers. Read below for our top 10 reasons why every tourism operator should open an Alipay account today.

Alipay: our Top 10 Reasons for Tourism and Destination operators

1. Alipay today is the number 1 e-commerce payment system in China.

2. It is a very well known, familiar and trusted brand in China.

3. As of January 2015 there are over 900+ million accounts.

4. Chinese are the number 1 spending tourists worldwide. For all Chinese visitors to your website or are at your destination "it is pretty much certain that they already-have an Alipay account” (including the Alipay app on their cell phone) and are ready to make a purchase.

5. It is highly secure. Every merchant account is unique. Every purchase requires a pin. All settlements are wired the moment that the minimum cross-border settlement amount is reached into the merchant's account (currently set at USD$5,000 or equivalent currency that has accumulated in the merchant account).

6. Alipay customers happily use their pre-paid Chinese RMB just by using their cell phone instead of pre-buying foreign currency or having to exchange money at a bank, or use costly credit cards for their purchase.

7. Not a Credit system. Transactions only occur with user funds allocated in accounts. The greatly reduces any fraudulent transactions.

8. Real Time payments merchants can view in real-time transactions and purchaser details.

9. Alipay accounts are free for merchants , and the affordable one time set up and testing costs vary depend on the merchants website and requirements. No limits on what merchants can receive.

10. Zero monthly or annual fees . (Alipay charges a small competitive transaction fee).

Why stop at 10!

Here's even-more great reasons to open an Alipay account today with China Sales Co.!

11. Cash-less transaction: greatly reducing risk All Alipay transactions, payments and settlements are done using the secure Alipay system. With Alipay, "your money is secure and in the bank."

12. No foreign exchange fees (FX fees). Alipay exchanges RMB into the nominated currency at spot market rates (on day and the time of transaction) with no FX fee charged to merchant.

13. An English version of the Alipay app is going to be released in 2015, it is already under testing.

14. Alipay can work via simply scanning QR codes, or by locational blue-tooth enabled beacons and tags. This means all customers have to do is walk into your desk, hold their cell phone nearby your cash register (or retail price tag), and immediately be able to shop and purchase on the spot via Alipay. For blue-tooth tags this requires a single beacon within 50m of the tags. Tags are approximately 1/4 the size of a regular business card and may be attached (a sticker) to price-tags or on shop display units. Another great value is that tags can also be re-programmed remotely after distribution , to re-direct URL or change the seasonal price of an item (for e.g.). Note that tags must be linked to merchant/ operator unique website and an Alipay enabled shopping cart. O2O system installation and testing costs and ongoing operation vary by client requirement contact China Sales Co. about the O2O retail payment and data display system.

15. It's fast to set up Alipay can be installed and you can begin to receive payments from China in as little as 3 weeks *online e-shops only

16. Zero-hardware installation costs for online e-stores and merchants. For adding off-line (in store wi-fi/ on location/ NVR tags/mobile wallet purchase) O2O systems there are additional costs by requirement.

16. There is "no middle person" settlements are wired directly by Alipay into the merchant's account.

17. Major airlines now accepting Alipay include: all China based airlines, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, United Air, KLM, Air Asia and more..

18. Major hotels and resorts now accepting Alipay include: Sentosa resort Singapore, DisneyWorld HK, The Venetian Macau, Lotte Group Korea, and more..

How Alipay works
How Alipay works

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