China Customer Service

China Customer Service

Essential live China sales and marketing representation, China point of return, QC market quality control and business support.

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Chinese social media

China Social Media

Official Chinese Social Media Accounts and run We Chat, Sina Weibo and KOL campaigns that engage with Chinese consumers: .

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China Ecommerce

China Strategy and Research

"Stop the guess work." We deliver fresh research on your China Competitors for performance bench marking, insights on market entry KPIs and provide time saving China consulting.

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China Ecommerce

China Ecommerce Platforms

What is the best platform for my brand? In China there are multiple options, ask our expert consultants to advise what platform/s are best for your products.

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China Digital Marketing

China SEM Digital Marketing

Official global licensed agents for Baidu, Shanghai Media Group (SMG) Best mobile Tv, 360, Sogou

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Chinese Seo and Tech Support

China SEO and Tech support

Expert web design, Baidu China SEO (search engine optimization) and Chinese platform tech support.

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Isn't it time for your business to start selling to China?

​Does your business wish to communicate and start selling to China? Try China Sales Co.! Based in Shanghai, China Sales Co. opens your sales door to China by providing clients and partners with the essential online and offline services they need to "bridge the gap" and start selling!

We supply all the essential China customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce platforms, operations for sales and business communications in Mandarin (Chinese).

China Sales & Consulting Support Services

China Sales Co. provides expert live (in-bound) telephone Chinese Sales, booking and order fulfillment and live chat via SMS/IM all working to kick start your sales to the China market! China Sales Co. also provides market intelligence and consultancy services; China customized web and package design, quality translations, Social Media accounts and more.

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